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Candelera 04


Blued Steel



Candelera is a collection focused on creating large format sculptural lighting pieces from a functional approach.

To accomplish the balance of the composition, multiple parameters such as volume, mass, and density, as well as the distance between the elements, are calculated and projected simultaneously from the shaping of every piece of the system.

Simple geometrical gestures in the manufacturing process, translate 2D surfaces to complex double curved surfaces put together to shelter hidden light sources.

Digital manufacturing process complemented with skilled craftmanship results in a raw and minimalistic composition reminiscent of organic shapes and structures.

The shapes in Candelera 04 are reminiscent of organic elements having an outline with both convex and concave curves that differ from previous models.

Pictures by Mariana Achach

Candelera 03_WEB-14.jpg
Candelera 03_WEB-8_edited.jpg
Candelera 03_WEB-3.jpg
Candelera 03_WEB-4.jpg
Candelera — 05.jpg
Candelera — 07.jpg
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